Life would be so easy for those who have a high risk of diabetes and the device arrives which tells them about the sugar level in their blood. This is what has happened in reality. Cardiogram came up with an application that when installed in Apple watch collects the data about blood sugar level in an individual wearing it.

After collecting the information, it tells if a person shows any early signs of diabetes or increased blood sugar level. This study was a joint collaboration between researchers from different universities including San Francisco, California and Cardiogram’s artificial intelligence based DeepHeart neural network to identify the level at which heart works.

The device proved to be more reliable. 14,000 individuals were asked to wear the device and tested for serious diseases such as hypertension, atrial fibrillation, high level of cholesterol, diabetes and sleep apnea. Around 85 percent and above patients were acceptably differentiated if they are caught up with diabetes or not.

Prediabetes condition takes long to get detected. Hence, treating the disease on priority basis becomes more challenging. Johnson Hsieh, co-founder of Cardiogram says, “Your heart rate is directly linked to diabetes condition. Heart connection goes running through autonomic nervous system towards pancreas.”

“People when captured with a serious heart condition or diabetes shows abnormal patterns in heart rate”, he further added. The study is much appreciable as researchers for the first time are able to detect heart condition based on simple heart sensor devices such as Apple device and Fitbit.

Diabetes is a serious metabolic condition where pancreas inhibits production of insulin or body cells sometimes stop responding to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Common symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, increased appetite, and frequent urination.

Cardiogram decides to roll out this DeepHeart application for Android and iOS smartphone devices very soon in its upcoming OS update.

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