Walmart and FedEx are working together in order to generate more shopper visits in the stores. FedEx will host product of the Walmart in their 500 and more shipping offices. This announcement was done by the spokespersons of the company in Las Vegas.

They announced that their agreement will launch new 500 stores in next 24 months across six states of the US. These stores will help to generate customer visits in the stores.

Walmart is trying to continue to continue the sales growth in the US. The company is trying to increase traffic to stores and offering different services such as shipping of goods through groceries and pharmacies through the express lane. They are using their 4,500 stores as a key to compete with Amazon. Additionally, FedEx is building 47 stores for their partnership.

Daniel Eckert senior vice president, Walmart Services and Digital Acceleration, said in a statement that they are offering a one-stop solution for all the product of Walmart. These new stores will make it easier for the customers to visit nearest FedEx shops. Additionally, people will be able to send their parcels from the same store and receive their packages within five working days.

FedEx is the leading shipping company and Walmart is competing with retail giant Amazon. Together both companies are going to 1,900 new stores, which will help them to reach next level. Recently, it was in the news that the Amazon is planning to start a new delivery process, to avoid the third-party shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS. This will be a major threat to FedEx. Amazon’s expenditure for delivery charges to third-party companies will reduce significantly.

Brian Philips CEO of FedEx said that this tie-up will strengthen their network by 500 new locations. This will help them to reach their customers easily to order and ship their products.

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