Well, here is what Apple has come up with, new and interesting report related to its new MacBook Air. As per the reliable source, it has been indicated that Apple is seeking to launch a less expensive MacBook Air in the coming year. It’s quite interesting to know, that MacBook Air is going to be replaced by end of this year, in what way we are not aware of this yet.

Now let’s start the guessing., Alright the first thing what knocks into your mind is the pricing, moving ahead just as it has cut its size to a 12-inch laptop, and secondly, whether it would be completely redesigned, it has something more coming up with in the market. Well, MacBook Air, was being supported by the Apple for many years, just for its name recognitions. In fact, it was supposed to discontinue long time, but due to better response, it has stayed back in the market as per the updates provided before.

However, there are certain things that Apple has to consider, whatever might be the direction of a new laptop. The most important problems that Apple has to overcome is 1080p display, Thunderbolt 3 ports, and 8th gen intel processor. In addition, as per the results observed from the poll, Apple has found out that people are looking out for something more interesting in the new MacBook Air, besides price. Moreover, major possibilities that Apple will continue to sell its MacBook Air at a lower price, which it has been doing over years.

Further, designing a product at a particular point, for a specific price is not as same as selling an outdated laptop for the cheaper price. Yeah, here it would sound as if Apple is selling its iPhone SE, that looks like iPhone 4, that was incompletely updated when it was launched. Anyways, Apple has been doing this with MacBook Air for years.

Coming up with new features, new designs, along with Touch Bar these features won’t make a much difference to the buyers, in fact, they just expect the best computer at a very reasonable price.

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