Measles is a viral infection caused in small children by highly contagious infectious disease, which can be cured through vaccination. Symptoms of the infection include a cough, inflamed eyes, sore throat, skin rash, and fever, but it’s very difficult to detect the symptoms of Measles for at least 10-14 days after exposure. This disease spreads very easily through a cough or sneezing.

According to the World health organization, in 2017, 21,173 cases and 35 deaths, due to Measles infection. This holds a remarkable thing for every individual entering in Europe, being affected by these diseases reminds them of unvaccinated, this may be in the case of children’s and adults, further spreading these diseases wherever they travel. Thus vaccination is the only way to get rid of these disease provided if it is not an established measles infection.

As per the News release, in 2017 around one among the four Europeans countries including Romania, Italy, and Ukraine 72pecent of people were being affected by Measles. Moreover, many other countries such as Germany, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom, has experienced a large number of cases over more than 100 cases vaccine-preventable, for the highly infectious viral disease.

In Europe 2017, a record of 5,273 cases, lower as compared to 2016 figures. As we have discussed above, the symptoms found in this cases included a high temperature, sneezing and coughing, red eyes and red blotchy skin rash that appears slowly after some days own the whole body.

The world health organization says, that this disease is more detected in unvaccinated young children and pregnant women. To prevent or to control the number of cases it is necessary to create a public awareness as well proper vaccinating health-care centers.

Moreover, WHO reported that the major problems contributing towards spreading of Measles are low vaccination supply in some areas, routine coverage for vaccination, and non-performing surveillance systems related to these diseases.
AS per the report published on Monday, Ministers of health from 11 European countries in Montenegro related to vaccination, they have planned out collective decision to overcome these diseases Measles and Rubella through the European Vaccine Action Plan by 2020.

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