Struggling for weight loss? Here might be the solution for it. Choose a low-fat diet or low-carb diet and stick with it. One format of diet can assist to lose weight significantly. It regulates calories by itself.

The recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that bunches of variant genes responses to the certain diet. In the today’s scenario, DNA testing is the main area of interests, and that is increasingly used to adapt treatments of the individual patients. Using this method as a solution on weight loss is a center of attraction.

The Stanford Medical School, conducted the JAMA study has concluded that with DNA testing any one can lose weight significantly and faster comparatively normal diet. For this research the genetic-testing labs are looking to make their lab advance and working on advertise this method for weight loss.

Patents was categorized into three parts on the basis of DNA test. Group of patents separated on the basis of sensitivity to dietary fats, sensitivity to carbohydrates, and none of diet-related genetic variations.

Christopher D. Gardner, nutrition and obesity researcher said that strategies may work better for individual and no one can apply same diet for everyone, it differs by individuals. Every individual response for the different diet plant, that relies on genetic structure. He added that adults responded better to the low-carb diet.

The study was based on the 632 overweight adults, in the age of 18 to 50, among them 609 completed the study. They were assigned and grouped into low-fat and low-carb healthy diet. Before assigning diet, researchers took the glucose tolerance test. It was observed that patient’s response for low-fat or low-carb diet was the main factor involved in study that was depend on genetic variations. However, during clinical trials regarding weight-loss resulted as loss of 55 pounds within 12 months, after the diet its possibility to gain not more than 11 pound.

Based on the study, patient can be benefited with the method for weight loss. The method will change the way of the weight loss.

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