Almost every company are in the race to compete in the market, whether it might be an electrical device, automobile and so on. Well, as we say an automobile, Jaguar Land Rover, has revealed its new sporty looking 2019 I-PACE, sports utility vehicle that has targeted to compete with Tesla’s larger Model X SUV, this Thursday.

Pricing of this vehicle in the UK is 63,495 pounds ($87,152), while Tesla’s base model, Tesla Model X costs at $ 79,500 featuring seven seaters with three rows, that gives average miles estimated to 237 on a single charge. However, the pricing of the new Jaguar I-PACE will be declared on March 6th, pricing for both the vehicle Tesla and Jaguar I-PACE are excluding the federal incentives.

Recently at Graz, Austria, five-seat SUV that was unveiled via live stream, that included standard wheel drive, a 90-kilowatt battery that can travel around 240 miles on a single charge. Using DC rapid chargers, the battery will charge 80% in 40 minutes, whereas if the same is charged at home using the 230-volt system, it will take 10 hours or almost a night to reach 80%.

Furthermore, the US dealership will reach will be top listed in the second half of the year as, 2019 models are coming up in three trims level that is S, SE, and HSE versions, including, first edition model of HSE.

Ok now, this is getting more interesting, Jaguar has well equipped with advanced technology that every individual looks for in a brand new model. Well, let’s me make it more clear, the new Jaguar will include Amazon Alexa, that will be linked to Control Remote App. Wherein, owners can ask questions to an Alexa-enabled device such as “Is my car locked?” Or “Can you tell me the charging level of the battery?” and so on. Moreover, the new I-PACE grabs the attention by its designs, in C-X75 with F-Pace performance SUV in the rear and hybrid concept in the front.

The only thing that lacks in I-PACE as compared to Tesla Models S is it doesn’t have 0 to 60 mph neck-snapping zoom, but this won’t make a difference to I-PACE as well, as it can travel from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds, isn’t this a big punch?

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