The battery-operated writing instrument are referred as digital writing instruments such as digital pen that enables the user to digitally record a handwritten note or drawing. A digital pen contains a universal serial bus cradle which allows the user to upload the handwritten notes to a personal computer. The pen looks similar to a regular pen and can be used in a similar way, but requires special digital paper if the user wishes to record written data. The digital paper, has small dots on it that allow the pen to capture what has been written. Digital pens also have handwriting recognition software through which the user can convert handwritten notes into typed text.  Some of the digital pens are wireless with Bluetooth technology. These pens send the captured notes or drawings directly to user’s PC or cell phone.

Writing instruments such as digital pens has come up with advanced features which is driving the growth of the Digital Writing Instruments Market. End users are majorly using digital pens to operate gadgets such as smartphones, tablets or Pcs.  Also, increasing use of digital pens in real time documentation handling is the major driving the growth of the market. In the past few years’ papers and pens are being replaced by digital writing instruments and are mostly preferred by students and professionals which is also supported by increasing use of smartphones. However, the high cost of digital pens is the major restraining factor which can hinder the growth of the market. High price has always been a major concern for consumers and with addition of high import taxes on consumer electronic devices such as digital pens, smartphones, styli, tablets, notebooks, etc., the price conscious consumers find it difficult to purchase these products. Also, the digital writing instruments needs to be charged and is not preferred to be used for long hours which as a reduces the usage limit, is another factor hampering growth of the global digital writing instruments market.

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The global digital writing instrument market report has been segmented on the basis of product type, compatibility, distribution channel, and region. On the basis of region, the global digital writing instrument market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Currently, the market in North America dominates the global digital writing instruments market in terms of revenue. The market in Asia Pacific is projected to have fastest growth with highest CAGR, owing to increasing adoption for smartphones are expected to boost growth of the global digital writing instruments market.

Prominent plyers in the global writing instruments market include PolyVision, Canon Inc., Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics, Wacom Co., Ltd., Livescribe, Inc., Maxell Holdings, Ltd., Nokia Oyj, Apple Inc. and Luidia Inc.


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