Geneva is the platform to introduce biggest and most important high-end cars in the auto world. The high-end cars such as an electric car, supercar, self-driving car are expected to be introduced on the same platform. It is a perfect place for all the car lovers.

The cars with futuristic concept and innovations in the area of automobile sector are generally launched into the motor show. That’s the big reason why this show is the most loved and appreciated worldwide.

This year’s Geneva motor show will be held in March during 8th to 18th. The show is the center of attraction for all the media and channels right now.

We can expect big launch and many announcements in the show such as Audi A6, BMW M8, Jaguar I-Pace and many cars from all small or big houses. Audi will launch its A6, the sixth generation car that has the evolutionary styles and new flagship designs. The car has a powerful engine and lithium-ion battery pack that is made up of the fuel-saving mild hybrid system.

One of the giants in the automobile industry, BMW will unveil the BMW 6. This can be one of the race car offered by the company. This car can be launched during this motor show, but the company hasn’t made any official announcement.

One of the high end cars, Jaguar’s I-Pace is an electric car. It is one of the impressive cars that will be launched this year. It is most probably offer 394 hp and have the 90-kilowatt-hour battery pack having support up to 240 miles which is way more than the present technology.

Mercedes is one of the strongest members of key players, which will offer the Mercedes-Benz EQC. This is also an electric car with the 800-hp plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

One more car will be unveiled as an electric car Volkswagen’s I.D. Vizzion. It will be hard for the company to compete with these strongest companies.

During the show, we are expecting, all the electric cars with long lasting battery pack and some innovations will dominate the show.

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