Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Lite app in many countries including Australia, US, UK, Canada, and Germany. The Facebook Lite is the app for the developing countries who have data plans for a limited use as it uses limited data and can work with slow speed as well. To widen the use of this application the social media behemoth decided to unveil this app for these countries.

This app of the company will be available for Android only. The app launched on Friday, March 16, 2018. However, the company didn’t disclose any plans related to unveil the app for Apple products.

The company said in a statement that they are launching this app so that everyone would enjoy and experience effortless Facebook where they can connect the available bandwidth and the app will not consume much space in the device.

The app has many features of the Facebook such as status update, push notifications, camera integration and importantly News feeds. The app is able to consume less space in the device and works as the Facebook app.

Facebook has attempted to create the lighter version of their website and webpage, with the name, Facebook Zero. The social media giant has tried to offer free internet in multiple countries, many of the countries accepted the offer but some of the declined.

Over the years, Facebook has evolved themselves and tried to reduce the data traffic in-app for playing video, ads, images and to play 360-degree video.

However, the company has worked too much to hold customers after they separated the apps of Facebook and Messenger. As the user must need a Messenger app to chat with others on Facebook. The company has offered some good speed and advanced features that why the users are still using Facebook and download the other app as well.

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