The social network giant, Facebook previously rolled out an astounding application for the users hunting for jobs. It helps you to find job vacancies and openings in nearby industries. The feature had already hit the Canada and US market last year. But, today it has been rolled out to 40 different countries of the world including Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, the UK and Spain.

The app is not only useful for candidates who apply for jobs but also to the business people to list down if there are any openings for any position in their company. Once, they found a suitable candidate they can directly message him/her through messenger app.

The feature is similar to LinkedIn where the application helps you to find thousands of suitable jobs. This attempt of Facebook can make people more professional instead of wasting their precious time just glancing at the posts or news feed.

Gaurav Dosi, jobs product manager at Facebook says, “These privacy settings will be readily available to the users.” What user need to do in order to search a job of their interest and capability? They just need to message the local business near to their house and ask about the job openings. Later, businesses can revert back and let users know about the status.

The feature is not only useful for people with huge businesses but can prove as a boon to those who want to get engaged and become part of the small venture. Glance at a job search page for findings minor jobs such as housekeeper, cleaner, driver, and security guards even. Facebook has invested around $1 billion to help local businesses to expand and common man to search a job.

So, don’t just junk your account by the pictures, videos, and updates on your account. Make use of this golden opportunity if you really want to make some money out of Facebook’s this business.

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