A study published on Wednesday in the journal JAMA Cardiology says that after diagnosing with cardiovascular diseases. But yes! People with some extra pound can live lengthier than skinner people and are diagnosed with different cardiovascular diseases.

This is how it closes the discussion and debate of years on weight and heart diseases. People who are little overweight are diagnosed with CVD at younger ages. However, the overall people with little extra weight do not live longer and is the new truth that came along with the new study.

DR. Sadiya Khan was the lead of research team and a professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine did the research through the Cardiovascular Disease Lifetime Risk Pooling Project. The research was based on observations and data collected from more than 190,000 Americans that was not the patient of cardiovascular diseases.

The researchers categorized the patients depending on age, weight, and sex. They categorized people between the age of 40 to 59. Even they observed the difference between people overweight people with heart disease and stroke than normal weight.

In case of middle-aged women, 27.9% of them are overweight and suffered from CVD such as heart attack, stroke after getting involved in a study, as was at higher risk than 38.8% of those women with overweight and 47.6% of those who were unhealthily obese. Women with a normal weight, among 21.5% of women experienced cardiovascular diseases.

After adjusting the data to separate on the factors such as age, ethnicity, race, and smoking status. The researchers found that higher BMI can be the reason for a higher risk factor for some of the heart problem. They found normal BMI with middle-aged men can have a risk of heart attack up to 18%. Little overweight same-aged men at 42%. And 98% higher for than morbidly obese.

The researcher said that adults who are little overweight and a patient with cardiovascular diseases. Maximum portion of life is lived with these diseases.

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