Cloud storage has the best deals to strike the consumers attention, so it’s quite natural why would one go particularly for the Dropbox. Despite, of having the substantial terms among the big five consisting of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. Whereas, Carbonite online backup service and Back blaze cloud backup and storage services both are charged low.

Presently, cloud base has been considered a big issue among the consumers in the digital era, as the mobile phones are filled up with more data that creates a problem for the email program. These programs have a limit for storing data in the phones.

Cloud software has been more reliable and a secured setup, as compared to physical hard drives that can crash any point of time. Almost every user prefers using cloud software to save the file, to keep back up, to send files to your close ones and clients in a more secure way. While, now a day all the companies whether big or small where the files are moved or saved from multiple servers, are now being ensured safe and secured.

In fact, the drop box started up with the users, but entries were made with the huge players like Apple and Google into online storage, which intends to give a push-up to San Francisco Company to emphasis more on the business storage requirement, contending with Microsoft, Google, and Box.

As per the sources, Wall Street Journal, IPO has been one of the biggest tech IPOs, from 2017 Snap, Inc. which has moved up to $3 billion and more, while Dropbox has now started contributing towards shares this Friday on Nasdaq under” DBX”, which has priced its IPO at $21 per share over the expected period.

In addition, Dropbox declares the count of 500 million users, but most of them are primarily users utilizing free 2 GB accounts, and only 11 million users are paying towards the Dropbox for their superior facilities. While if we compare with Google, it has 800 million users Drive; Apple has 782 million users of iCloud, Microsoft and Amazon have not disclosed the numbers.

To be successful on the floor the Dropbox has to gain profit from the users and enterprises should come under the influence of paying the charges as per the service.

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