Taking selfies can make your nose look larger and plumpy, the recent study suggests. Hence, selfie queens and kings should prefer using selfie-stick if they don’t want to have a bulgy nose. Clicking selfies close to your face can garble the feature proportion for your face.

Boris Paskhover, co-author of the study and facial plastic surgeon at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School says, “If the selfie camera is closer to any of your face feature such as nose it’s going to make everything closer of the camera look bigger as compared to rest of the face.”

For example, if you hold camera 12 inches away from your nose, it appears 30 percent wider than clicked from 5 feet. Researchers analyzed face features of patients who have undergone plastic surgery. These individuals invest millions of bugs to get their distorted facial features recover back to the original.

They found people engaged in taking lots of selfies have to opt for plastic surgery. Paskhover added, “Today’s generation constantly take selfies in order to show off their facial structures on social media. But they don’t realize that this can put them in an emotional state. Moreover, they are in spirit looking into a movable funhouse reflect.”

The research findings published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery that shows a small experiment conducted by the researchers on the group of people. Paskhover along with his colleagues used a simple mathematical model considering average values of several facial measurements gathered from several years of men and women from the United States.

The results were as expected. If the camera is taken 12 inches away from the nose, it appeared to be 30 percent larger than the usual size of the nose. While the tip of your nose appears to be 7 percent bigger compared to rest area of the nose. On the contrary, if selfies are taken five feet away from the nose, facial features appear in the same size as they appear in reality.

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