Hacking and phishing activities have raised a number of concerns today. Recent news about iOS has endorsed the company to rethink while stepping forward while performing any sort of technical activities in future. Apple made an announcement of iOS source code leakage this Thursday.

GitHub, a website hosting service was immediately informed about this issue. The leak has its connection with the old software. It first noticed by ‘Motherboard’ during the iBoot process. This source code ‘iBoot’ seemed to be genuine that confirms its validity when we restart an iPhone device.

Apple always protects its devices and codes from getting leaked. This incident had happened for the first time in the history of Apple. The iBoot source code is an intellectual property of Apple. It’s not an open source. Hence, running it on other devices will be treated as an offensive law.

The source can give an idea to the hackers about inside mechanisms of the bootloader. Positive face of the news is that it won’t affect any of the iPhone owners, says Strafach, a security officer of Apple. Apple doesn’t play its security games using inconspicuousness, hence this has no risk on personal data of the users. Moreover, the source code is used just to securely sign-in into the devices and has nothing to do with smartphone’s content.

Apple has adopted a number of ways to keep its iOS secure and harmless from hackers and malicious attacks. However, to be on a safer side it conversant the issue to GitHub. Additionally, the company announced that the leaked code was authentic. Perhaps, it denied placing security allegations as it was damn sure about the software safety.

Apple said, “We have many layers of software and hardware security that ensures the safeguarding of the device. This is a very old source code that happened to be leaked from the device design rather than any software application or bug.”

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