Google’s smart home devices are dominating the market. These assistant are voice-recognition systems that activated with the keyword “Ok Google”. Presence of many companies in the market is creating intense competition. To be a part of the competition and remain dominant in the market, companies are offering new features. To improve adoption of the Google Assistants, the company is launching the device in the 30 regional languages.

Recently, in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) the company unveiled the routines in the device. These devices have their own routines – categorized into six different parts.

Along with these fixed routines, the Google app will suggest the customization in the existing routines. This feature will be unveiled in the next update of the device. So, the user will decide the next action of the smart home device. for instance, if the user said “Ok Google, Goodnight”, the device will replay as well as, it will do the action which is instructed to it like dimming the light connected with the devices or turn of the TV.

This update – custom routines – will offer the complete access to the user on the device. Also, new features will be added to the device such as new controls on the Pixel Buds and result cards for the games and teams that user will follow.

Google Home – smart home assistance will improve and enable the location-based reminders. These features were offered on the mobile devices. Now, the smart devices will be able to accept the commands and reminders through the voice-recognition. It will send the related notification on connected devices.

The company has already released the beta version of the application. Earlier, in a blog post, the company claimed that they will offer many features with the new update in the device. Due to this statement of the company user can expect many features in upcoming updates. These features will improve the device and will make user’s life easier.

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